Mobile app’s first steps – so far so good!

My third iOS app, Shape Matcher, launched almost exactly a week ago. I’ve been watching my Localytics analytics with much anticipation hoping to see the number of downloads rise. And I am proud to say that for once, my app is actually being downloaded AND used more and more!!

Since (upward-trending) graphs make me very happy, I thought I might share some graphs with anyone who might be interested.

New and returning users

Both the number of new and return users is rising. I had a big day on Sunday, possibly related to the fact that I wrote a blog post about the tools I used to build Shape Matcher but more possibly also because people spend more time with their children on Sundays, although that’s just a wild guess really.

Shape Matcher - so far so good!


The number of sessions seems to be rising fairly steadily.

Shape Matcher - so far so good!


It looks like the iPad 2 is the most common device amongst my target audience (mostly people with children).

Shape Matcher - so far so good!


I’ve had far more users and sessions from the USA than anywhere else. It really make me feel warm and fuzzy to know that people in 62 different countries have played my little game though :)

Shape Matcher - so far so good!
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