World’s Most Traveled People

This morning I came across an article on Gadling about Charles Veley, a man who is supposedly the world’s most traveled person. He’s been to… wait for it… 630 of 673 distinct places. Those places don’t have to be countries, just places that are ethnically or politically different enough from elsewhere to constitute being a separate place.

In reading about Charles Veley, I discovered that there is an elite club called the “Travelers’ Century Club” that you can only become a member of if you have visited 100 or more of the 317 countries defined by the Travelers’ Century Club. Like Veley, they also define some places as countries even though officially they are not countries, simply because these areas are “removed by parent, either geographically, politically or ethnologically”. Fair enough!

So, I wonder what it takes to have traveled to 100 or more of these countries. I’ve made a list of all the places I’ve visited to that are on their list…

1. Australia
2. Cook Islands
3. Hawaiian Islands
4. New Zealand
5. Mexico
6. United States
7. Argentina
8. Brazil
9. Chile
10. Peru
11. Uruguay
12. Austria
13. Czech Republic
14. Denmark
15. England
16. France
17. Germany
18. Italy
19. Netherlands
20. Norway
21. Poland
22. Slovakia
23. Spain
24. Sweden
25. Switzerland
26. Vatican City
27. Egypt
28. South Africa
29. Swaziland
30. Bangladesh
31. Cambodia
32. Hong Kong
33. Japan
34. Malaysia
35. Singapore
36. Thailand

The grand total is… 36. Ok, a wee way off yet from sending in my application. Damn.

Anyway, I think I’ve found my new life goal… to become a member of the Travelers’ Century Club. I’m sure my parents will be very proud… :P

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