A new look, a fresh start…

After close to 3 years on www.mindtrip.co.nz, I decided to try something new, perhaps something more relevant to my field (technology). Boy it’s hard thinking of new domain names that haven’t already been taken!

Since I was choosing a new domain name anyway, I figured I might as well try a different blogging engine too. To date, I’ve been a true Textpattern fan. However, everyone else I know that keeps a blog seems to be using WordPress these days. I couldn’t help but wonder what I was missing out on. So I’ve taken the plunge and I’ve switched to WordPress. We’ll see how it all goes!

Things will probably be a bit broken and won’t look finished for a while, but hopefully that won’t last for long. Please bear with me in the meantime!

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3 thoughts on “A new look, a fresh start…

  1. Hi Annie –
    Good to see you’re back blogging again (one of your old posts linked to rowansimpson.com, so I got a ping when you re-posted under this new URL).

    I’ll look forward to hearing about your adventures in London.


    PS ‘hi’ to Chris too! :-)

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