I’ve been quoted… about VB.NET

This morning one of my fellow developers sent me a link to this article on Rowan Simpson’s (formerly the Software Development team lead at Trade Me, now heading up the Trade Me Products team) blog.

How exciting!! I’m famous!! :)

But seriously, writing code in VB.NET just frustrates me and that email I sent our dev group was one of a few instances (perhaps one of the more curious ones) where VB.NET just doesn’t seem to rate next to C#. I mean, the recent introduction of the using statement… come on! C# has had this for aaaaaaaaaaaages. And the fact that operator overloading has only JUST been introduced to VB.NET – again, C# has has this for ages. And language support for unsigned types (UInteger, ULong, and UShort) has again, only just been introduced in .NET 2 for dear ol’ VB.NET. I’m sure I was using unsigned types about 8 years ago at university (ok, so that might have been in Java, but still?!!?).

However, what frustrates me the most about VB.NET is probably the fact that I feel like I’m writing an essay in English when coding… Brackets are good! Semi-colons are good! And sticking to the OOP terminology that many programmers out there have learnt to love over the years must be good!

Oh well, better get back to my screeds of VB.NET – we have an early deploy tomorrow morning wooohoooo!!!

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One thought on “I’ve been quoted… about VB.NET

  1. Hey Annie,

    Heard about your blog through Rowan’s.

    Good to hear that you’re enjoying your rounding! Lots of fun for us too…

    Customers might not understand it, but bankers do :)


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